Caddo Lake, A Photo Essay

Caddo Lake, A Photo Essay

Caddo Lake straddles the Texas-Louisiana border in northeast Texas. It’s known for its forest of Cypress trees that dominate the shallow murky waters. It covers over 25,000 acres and is a popular spot for fishing, boating and photography. Caddo is a protected wetland under the international Ramsar Convention. It wasn’t always that way, in the 1920’s oil rigs dotted the lake and the waters were heavily polluted. An effort to preserve the natural beauty of the lake is headed by singer Don Henley, formerly of the Eagles, who grew up around the lake.

I spent two days on Caddo with guide John Crawford and his dog Mia. John, known as the River Rat, is the go-to guide for photographers at the lake, having guided photographers from around the world on this photogenic waterway. Here is a selection of photographs from our two days on the water.

Spanish moss hangs from Cypress branches.
Fishing pier at Caddo Lake State Park
Great Blue Heron takes flight to find breakfast.
Mornings usually mean misty water on the lake.
Setting sun highlights Spanish moss in the tree branches.
Snowy Egret looks for breakfast in the shallows.
Cypress trees dominate the scenery at Caddo.
Beautiful Cypress trees at Caddo Lake
Cypress trees grow out of the water in the lake.
Cypress trees and Spanish moss
“River Rat” John Crawford and his buddy, Mia.
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